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Hey Guys,
If you are looking for a site that is about roller coasters and theme parks, than join mine. It has a gallery where you can upload your own pictures of any theme park and a MYBB powered forums with tons of cool plugins, thanks to the developers.

Join today!
How about a clickable link? :p
No logo. Also less content.

Good luck though.
(01-14-2011, 05:02 AM)kavin Wrote: [ -> ]No logo. Also less content.

Good luck though.

Agreed, Good Luck
Do that is the best website idea I have heard for awhile....

A website based on theme parks and roller coasters. thats going to be a hit.
You really think so? Then join! I need active members!
The problem is that I'm activate on another forum. I will check up on it.
Ok, thanks though. It is a open invitation for you and for anyone! I really appreciate your consideration!
I have upgraded my forum with many new features? Anyone want to join?