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Full Version: MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue. sql error 1054
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Here is my error that I receive when delete user, I have just upgraded from 1.6.0 to 1.6.1. please review and help me. Thanks

"MyBB SQL Error

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
1054 - Unknown column 'uid' in 'where clause'
DELETE FROM mybb_moderators WHERE uid='363' "
Make sure you've uploaded all the new files properly, so they have overwritten the old files. This column was removed in the upgrade so if you're getting this error, your files are still looking for it. Also make sure you've not got any plugins running that are not 1.6 compatible.
I have check my files, and see many files upgraded more than list at

Example in install/ resoures have:
adminoptions.xml, adminviews.xml, index.html, language.lang.php, upgrade 1, upgrade 2, ... , upgrade 18..., not only
* mybb_theme.xml
* settings.xml
* upgrade17.php
* upgrade18.php
was upgraded as blog listed.

My plugins are all deactived.

So that is correct, and do you have idea to solve this problem?

Sorry, Is that correct?
A missing column isn't related to missing files. Your database is missing the uid column in the moderators table.

Did you recently upgrade or install your forum??
All files and folders are complete, not missing. Please review above.

I don't think database error. I dont know why Sad
Make sure you uploaded ALL the 1.6.1 files correctly, especially the ones in the admin folder, it seems you missed some files, most probably admin/modules/user/users.php

EDIT: Even if they are there, upload again from the 1.6.1 package, you might have the older versions but think you have the new ones
Files admin/modules/user/users.php I have had. I am also upgrade many times, so I think can't missing file
Can you run the file verification tool under Admincp >> Tools >> File Verification

check for any changed files there, if it gives you errors about the files in the install folder or images you can ignore those.

EDIT: Also whats the URL??

If the File Verification tool mentioned above says no files have been edited, you must still have 1.4 plugins active, but you should have deactivated them before you upgraded.
I don't see "File Verification" tool in Tools and Maintenance menu. Have I must install or how to I can use it?
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