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Full Version: Enable only viewing the titles of threads in forum.
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Is it possible to do this:

People with less than 10 posts should only be able to view this page (ie. the page which they can see all titles of thread) but they should not be able to view the content.

[Image: perm.png]

When he clicks on the title he should get a notice that you need to get "10 posts".

Or instead of that it can just give the good old no permissions page..

Is there any plugin like this ?

1- First create a new user goup
2- Then set a Group Promotion so every one reaching a post count of 10 be promoted this user group
3- do this edits:
This edits make Cant view threads means Cant view thread's contents
4- go to every forum you want to restrict reading post contents, set permissions as follow:
for Registered group (users under 10 posts) ---> Uncheck "Can veiw threads"