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Full Version: Made another site (For Gfx Artist)
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Hello guys I currently made another site because my other site is going to be down for two days (until Monday)

The site I made is Called gfxskillz and Currently looking for members
if you stay active long enough I will most likely make you staff.. because my other site already have enough activity to handle.

So if you are interested the site is

url -
Honestly it's a generic name, nothing original. I do like the theme, but I don't like the new post, no new posts etc icons. Needs more content.

Good luck.
Wait what? You made another forum because another is going to be down for two days?
This makes no sense whatsoever.
The domain is pointing me to "server not found".
i'm not a fan, you can never compete with sites like vibrantfx and fringefx that have like 50,000 members.

the pink on the index feels out of place for some reason imo.

you site lacks content and originality as said before.
You got a lot of work to do, there's plenty of competition in this niche.
Good theme. You have to improve activity though.

Good luck.
you should get custom theme. Wink

good luck.

The theme you choose is so boring for graphics site, you should go to GFXForums and view it's theme it's suited to gfx site. Another thing, why not continue you another site, I saw it and it has a plenty members and you should pay the domain. The category, forums, and sub-forums looks generic and the name, you should have a original content like "wow" facto for the viewers because if it's have the same as the other GFX forums, no one will be interested in you site, you should work with your forums.