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I create a fantastic forum dedicated of the most popular CMS if you sign up you can download a lot of themes for mybb, wordpress and drupal.

Also you can find icon, button pds and traslate button mybb in Italian.

I create all perfectly in Mybb!

The gallery, the forum, the attachment and I very happy!

I hope you like it!

I accept suggestion for my forum
Don't bother posting in Showcase if you can't be bothered to tell us your URL.
Ops sorry

My signature is the forum but I lost to write! Thank you
Ok, I see several things wrong.
1) Your forum is all in a different language, so I can't understand a word of it
2) You have broken images for your statistics.
3) You have a completely pointless shoutbox you don't need.
In first topic I write is in Italian, the shoutbox is activate yesterday with the new theme and eraze all message, if today open the link appear new template.

I see correctly image, wich image dont see you?
(01-16-2011, 06:21 PM)Shukaku Wrote: [ -> ]2) You have broken images for your statistics.

Statistics image looks fine for me. Don't know what exactly you are mentioning.

Nice forum. I like the Mac theme. And i wonder why don't you get a custom theme if you got designers?
My designer is apsent momently Big Grin
thank you!

For image forum stat I see correctly wich browser you use?
Nice site, good luck caygri Wink
These icons are missing from the prostats table - and
I re-upload it! thank you!
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