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Hello guys!

I made a website about the PS3. It is about trophies, chat, and everything in between! We don't have very many members yet, and I am still working on adding sections for all the games using the tabbed menu plugin. But we have a logo, ficoncs and tabbed menu, google seo, and I am trying to make it as good as possible.

Feel free to register and post, but I would appreciate a PM telling me who you are. My username is theOkilla.


Playstation3 Trophy Guides - ps3trophyguides.comBig Grin
Looks pretty good, may i suggest making the tabs on the forum have a left margin of a few pixels so it isn't directly above the curve on the thead. Other than that, it looks pretty cool. i'll prolly join later Smile. good luck
Wow thanks a lot Smile thats nice to here. And I never really thought about the tabs. Thats a good idea because I'm going to need a tab for every game genre. And I might see if there is a way to make the tabs longer. Thanks for your feedback and I hope to see you on there.
Well, good luck.

Here are some suggestions:
- Use a different theme, too overused :|
- The tabs doesn't match the theme
- Good luckio
UPDATE- I merged my forums.

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