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Full Version: how to add automatic subject in new tread ?
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Hai all, i'm Indonesian, I'm newer on mybb forum script. And I interest to modificate mybb code. But I have a problem to add subject automatically in same forum like this picture
[Image: how-to-make-this.png]

Would you help me, please..How to insert that subject automatically to every new thread in same forum???

Thanks before...

These are thread prefixes. To make a Thread Prefix, follow it.
Go to: ACP > Configurations > Thread Prefixes > Click on "Add New Thread Prefix" tab > and made a thread prefix using the following options.
  • Prefix - Its an option which show thread prefix on thread prefix option list on new thread pages and edit post pages.
  • Display Style - This is how the prefix will appear next to thread subjects. You may enter HTML markup here or simply use the same as the plain text version above.
  • Available in forums - If you wish to show that prefix in all forums then select "All Forums" option, otherwise, if you want to show in selective forums then select "Select forums" and then select the forums you wish to add that prefix in.
  • Available to groups - Similarly, If you wish to show that prefix to all usergroups then select "All groups" option, otherwise, if you want to show to selective usergroups then select "Select groups" and then select the usergroups you wish usergroups to show that prefix.

Press "Save Thread Prefix" button.
Thanks Yaldaram,

for "Display Style", can u give me an example?

I have tried to add html code for display style, it's work....nicee.......thank yaldaram