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Full Version: Edited - Your number one source for MyBB News
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Genre: News and Reports
Description: The one and only mybb news and report forum. Currently we don't have much content but hopefully you can help us get there.
Actually there are tons of secondary MyBB forums. MyBBRunway is currently the best.
You site was pretty clean and organized well, but like Aristotle said, It has many MyBB Secondary site, there a tons E.G. MyBBSource, MyBBRunWay, MyBBCentral, and more, but one more thing, the sites I said has a domain but yours not, you should buy one but your theme was pretty good except for the drop shadow, you should change that.

New Skin.
We are also looking for staff. Please PM me.
that is a really bad name. when i saw the topic title i thought a mod had edited the name out.
I like the name, but thanks for your opinion.
Site seems to be dead.
I get redirected too
Just another useless forum. Wink