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Full Version: A naruto Theme Request (With Payment)
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I need a Naruto style I don't have the money to pay for a designer to design me a brand new theme however I have other "connections" so listen well, I own several forum that have 200 or more members, I also have "connections" with other web masters. I could easily advertise anything you throw at me such as your forum or website Big Grin so what I'm saying is, if your willing to design a Naruto theme for me, Ill be willing to grow your site for free, Many sites would ask of you 200$ or more for advertising, I myself offer this service to other people "Free of charge" in return of another favor, I have grown some sites and have been very grateful. I can also get posts on your forum for those inactive boards, I can create free packages. So the deal is, Ill grow your community and get it started for you such as giving you members, posts and popularity. I'm also offering a free Cpanel if you want it ? But anyhow, a theme is a great thing to ask for but my payment is worth they try !!!!
Sleepy I want a Naruto Theme, you choose the colors and patterns the only thing I want is for only me and only me to be able to use this theme, below is an example of a simple naruto theme yet attractive. And is more less what I want, but if you can do even better go ahead !!!

The less time you take, the quicker your site will grow !!!

If you like you can work from an already made theme and edit it to make it look new. Like change the icons, category "Table Image", the banner and so on.

also the main title of the theme is "The Ninja Realm" and nevertheless my forum is

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