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Full Version: TwitPic MyCode
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So guys, I am giving my first release! a TwitPic MyCode!

In Order to use this on your forums just add the following code exactly as it is.
Add this in the "Regular Expression" field.

Add this to the "Replacement" field.
<img src="$1.png" Alt="Twitter">

Will appear as:
[Image: mybbcommunity.png]

For people who don't know what TwitPic Is:
TwitPic is an image service that displays a user's last tweet on an image. It is designed to be used in forums and bulliten boards where you can view it in a users post or signature. This MyCode will bring it right to the user instaed of them having to go to the actual site and create it themselves. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the code.
I think you mean TwitSig. TwitPic is an image service, like yfrog and plixi, that POSTS to Twitter.

It even says the name in the image. Big Grin
how to insert twit pic with my code?