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Full Version: Bridge for Drupal?
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Is there a mod that can bridge with drupal?

Sorry, isn't an active module.

What do you want? That MyBB users are automatically logged into Drupal or visa versa?
If nobody else finds a freely available module/plugin I might be interested in creating one. I'm a big fan of Drupal.
it looks dead and there isn't any files to download...
(2011-01-20, 08:11 AM)Ruriko Wrote: [ -> ]it looks dead and there isn't any files to download...

Yes, I saw it too late. Check the edit Smile
I want if user register on drupal then it should also import into mybb as well. It also should work vice versa. If user change password on drupal or mybb it should also change on the other platform
Lennart made a mod for that.
Can i have the link?
(2011-01-20, 10:47 PM)Ruriko Wrote: [ -> ]Can i have the link?

Its somewhere in here for subscribers.
aww you have to pay to get it =[
that's plugin merge only new user after the bridge.
If you have just install a mybb with 2000 user dont syncro with drupal but just a new user merge it.