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Full Version: New Xbox Forum need staff and members
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Hey all I've made a new xbox forum and am in need of a few staff members to help me add some content and prepare for release to the community.. if you're interested let me know here or via PM and I'll give you the link.

The site has a custom (unique) theme as well as some features that differ from most mybb and other xbox sites.
Need a link. Toungue
(01-21-2011, 02:03 AM)Kazuto Wrote: [ -> ]Need a link. Toungue

I sent you a PM.

If anyone else is interested you're welcome as well. Just let me know. Smile
Dude. I am loving the theme....... seriously, dude. Amazing.
send me a link
Yeah wouldn't mind seeing this. Ill check it out and decide...
PMs sent.. good reviews so far.. if anyone else wants to join before the bandwagon let me know Toungue
Sure ill join, love the design by the way, great job on that. i am willing to join staff.
Great.. I'll be making a staff section soon to get positions sorted.. feel free to post in the meantime Smile
Are we allowed to put our websites in signatures or no?
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