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The community I created recently is for our needs of learning English. On this forum, you can talk about the English language and it's learning process, learn from unique articles and ask questions. Come here and perfect your basic English skills.
Good topic. Wish you good luck Wink
1. Excellent topic. I have not seen that before.
2. The small changes you made to the default theme make it look distinctive.
3. Good seeder threads.

Coincidentally, I am taking a home course in Linguistics and part of it is about English. Well, actually only about the history/evolution of English. I don't know if it's a fit, but maybe a section for English trivia would be fun. Or maybe it is too nerdy. Not sure.
Thank you for the appreciations, Andrew. There are some English forums online but only one is worth taking into consideration as a hard competitor. I will consider adding an English trivia zone to the forums, it can't be nerdy and it's a good way of attracting members.
Thank you for your suggestion. You get a +1 rep for giving me this helpful idea.
Interestign project but how to learn english?
Well, by reading the articles and following them, by following the lessons (which are absent at the moment) and by submitting questions regarding what you don't know.