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Full Version: A modified forum
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[Image: logo-1.png]

plzz comment...
My opinions please don't take offense:
-Theme is ok but overall i think it's overused even with the changes you've made to it
-bg doesn't fit my taste but may fit others
-you should get rid of your tabbed forums plugin for now.. you don't have enough content to use it at this point and any person unfamiliar with MyBB won't even notice them and will think your forum is empty
-You definetly need to get a better logo.. the one you have now is very LQ I'm afraid

Take my advice about the things I mentioned above and you'll get some better reviews from the rest of the community Smile

Good luck with your forum!
Theme is OK but there is nothing to give comment on. No content no forums / subforums etc.
Logo looks terrible.
I'm not even sure what the sites about (I'm guessing general discussions?)