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Full Version: [PAID] Need help moving and adding a few things
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OK, i have the Apart Black theme. Im customizing it (so don't tell me its overused.). Im moving a few bits around and adding Drop-Downs, but my HTML/CSS sucks Confused.

This is the dropdown im going to be using:

This is what it looks like now:

Then what it will look like after the modification:

With Dropdown:

So, can anyone help me integrate it? Smile $10 PayPal for completing this for me Smile
I would say your easiest fix is to move the welcome block above the logo.
Why? I need help actually implementing this. $10 Paypal to whoever completes it Smile
Well, looking at the images I thought that was your problem. May I ask why you don't just use the mybb popup menu code and follow the tutorial from AJS?

Could save you 10 bucks and you can style the popup menu as you like in your css.
Didn't even know there was one Toungue
Anyway, I like the mootools one, so the offer still stands. Move everything I need and create the 4 dropdiwns for $10 Smile
Bump Smile nobody interested?
I could help if you were using jQuery. :s
It's just the CSS I can't do. The dropdown just uses <li> Smile
If you can find a jquery dropdown then I'll use that instead
Bump Sad
What do you mean by "It's just the CSS I can't do"? It honestly doesn't look that complicated.
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