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Full Version: gaming forum get paid to post at first!!!
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Hello me and my friend have been wanting to make a good gaming forum forever and now we have made it!!!!
We are looking for new mods,staff, and members.
We are looking for good members who are active and can just be a great member. Now to the even better stuff. You can get paid to post!!! But not forever just for a certain amount of money then its done!!!
the pay for getting paid on a post is currently $0.03
if you would like the link then pleas PM me i will be just posting it here soon. Thanks!

you will be limited to getting paid for 33 post you make
then all the rest are out of being a great member!!!


click here to go to the site]
(do not let the link fool you this is a site for gaming and chat about it)
(Whoops, didn't notice this was Showcase.)

Give us a link to your forums please.
i asked you to PM us for it because we are not 100% fully done with it
If you aren't done with it then don't post it. This is the showcase forum where we review your finished site.
the site is finished i am sorry i posted link above
Your theme is good for a gaming site, so that's a +. However, you have WAY WAAAAY too many forums and not enough posts. Get adding content.

Also that little message that follows you around asking you to join is really annoying.
i am sorry its a mod made by here lol. Maby join and post for us help us get it to a big site!
I do love the theme but it does lag a little when i scroll up and down maybe try and fix this, has potential but as above said way to many forums start small then if the community warrents it expand

$1 for 33 posts.....
yeah $1 for 33 post and i removed the annoying guest thingy
You make it look more like an Xbox forum, not a gaming one.
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