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Full Version: [CODES] Make issuing warnings easy!!
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Hello, I'd like to show you how to make issuing warnings much easier!!!

Here are a few recommended codes.

Name: Warnquote
Description: Shows post that violated the rules. You want to use warnquote first in a warning PM, because it begins with dear....
This is the code you use:
[warnquote=PERSON why=REASON]POST[/warnquote]
Replace PERSON with the person who violated the rules and POST with the post that the user broke a rule in.
Replace REASON with anything you want after:
Quote:The following post violated

This is what you put in the box "Regular Expression *":
\[warnquote=(.*?) why=(.*?)\](.*?)\[/warnquote\]

(do not replace anything or else it will be messed up same as below)

Then the HTML replacement would be:
Dear $1,<br> You had been caught in violation of our rules.<br>The following post violated $2<br><blockquote><cite>You wrote:</cite><br>$3</blockquote>

Here is an example of what it produces.
(bold letters are replaceable with others)

Dear Wes the Bes,
You have been caught in violation of our rules.
The following post violated our flaming and trolling rule.
You Wrote:I don't like you go away you stupid maggot!!
Want it to be more spaced? Here is the code you want to use then:
Dear $1,<br><br> You had been caught in violation of our rules.<br><br>The following post violated $2<br><br><blockquote><cite>You wrote:</cite><br><br>$3</blockquote>

Name: Insert Rule
Description: Instead of quoting EVERYTHING, which is really annoying, you can use insert site rules.

Here is what you type in:

Now you can change siterule to something else.

OK this is what you put in Regular Expression:

The HTML Replacement is:
<blockquote><cite>The Rules State:</cite><br>SITE RULE HERE</blockquote>
Its self-explanatory, just put the site rule where it says "SITE RULE HERE"

The last one is...
Name: Warn number
Description tells user how many warnings they got and how many more until they will get banned.
Here is what you type in:
[warnno]HOW MUCH , WHEN[/warnno]
Replace HOW MUCH with how many warnings in this format:
first second third forth fifth sixth etc etc
Note: it must be lower case or else the sentence will look like this:
Quote:This has been you First warning.
Replace WHEN with how many warnings until they get banned (a number not first third, etc...)!!

Here is what you put into regular expression:

HTML Replacement:
This has been your $1 warning, you have $1 more warnings before you get banned.

Hope you ♥ it!!

This has been my first tutorial! Please tell me how I did!
Thanks! Smile This will come in handy for me in the long run. For your first tutorial its good! Smile
thank you for the tutorial really appreciate