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Full Version: Forum Created With MyBB Still Under Construction (please Read)
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I just created my forum with mybb and just wanted you to visit by and tell me if it good but it's still under construction.

This should be in showcases, and what type of hacking are we talking about here, game hacking or things like website hacking.

If its things like website hacking, support is not allowed for these websites at all.
This belongs in showcase, and it's game hacking - I checked.
its game hacking
Okay than it is fine, but technically this should be in showcase. This thread should be deleted and/or moved to showcase, In my opinion however.
it should be moved in showcase
There you go, okay try finishing it before putting it on display and change the theme to another one.
but how
ok interesting, though nothing really to showcase, 3 members 3 admins. Are any of them good webmasters? No content no theme no plugins either :s.
Choose one from or from released on the forums

install the images folder into your images directory and then go to themes and import the theme from the xml file.
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