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Full Version: MMOCC.ME
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MMOCC.ME Is a forum dedicated to MMO Development, this includes MMOCC's and MMORPG.

We will offer discussion forums for people developing MMOS that have proof that their game is under-way (free!)

It is an extremely welcoming community, waiting for your arrival! Big Grin

The forum templates and themes are still being modified but we are currently building our userbase! Feel free to join us! Smile
it'z pretty good i lik the theme tht u hav
Thanks for the positive feedback Smile
You have too many general forums.
Thanks for the feedback,

Should I be merging them together? What forums should I be removing?

I'd say two would suffice at most.

I'll be watching this, if i see any Ikariam or Ogame clone developments expect a registration
Footer looks odd, why do you have two sponsors?
Because we are making no profit, and they both support us (details are in the first thread in announcements). But we are having a new theme made for us so hopefully things will tidy up a bit.