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Full Version: Restart Merge.
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I was merging, but it stopped at one place.
How do I restart merge, when ever I access that directory, I get stucked at that place again.
And I don't have access to php my admin.
What do I need to do ?
If you don't have access to manage your database in some manner so that you can revert MyBB to a pre-merge backup then you're pretty much screwed. How is it that you don't have database access, yet you have the ability to run the merge system in the first place?
I am running the site on a VPS, I created an account with the domain name of my site.
But when I log in to my Cpanel, it shows that you are logged on with the root password.
And it doesn't allows me to access Phpmyadmin, the hosting guys won't help me.

So can anyone from mybb tell me an alternative.