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Full Version: [P2H] New post to host site. Need barly any post. You post, We host you[P2H]
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Hello everyone, Well after a hard few days of work i finally got the new P2H site done (post to host)
It does not require very many post on their for you to get your hosting and after a while of it being open and getting post we will cut the post requirements down in half. So i bet that you want to view our packages right?
well then all you have to do is click HERE!!
That site that it does take you to is also the P2H site!
So when you join thats where you should do it at.. Once you get your post we use a script that automatically when you signup will make you enter your user and pass and detect your post then make your hosting account for you no verification needed!
So why not go make those post and then get your hosting?
Its not very hard to make the few post that it ask for and get such a great thing for them. Thanks and i hope to see you their!!!

once again click here to go to the site Big Grin
To be honest, I think you should get a TLD (top-level domain) if you're starting a hosting site. That way, it'll look much more professional.

Other than that, good luck with the P2H! Big Grin
thanks a lot and its free hosting i think im going to change unlimited everything to 10 post just for the start of it though!!
How many servers do you own for this or are you running it of a resellers account?

then change the logo as well.

as well as allowing people to run nulled scripts is definitely not a good idea.
1. Get a TLD
2. Get a logo
3. Overselling is not good.
site looks fine
getting a logo soon
dont like the hosting do not join
8 tabs, 61 posts. Why in the world do you have so many tabs for a site that just opened? You don't need them.

Aside from that, as we've gone through before, why post your site here if you're not going to take any suggestions or feedback?
I am taking them
paid logo being made right now
dont know what a TLD is
not overselling just offering what i have
TLD means a .com/.org/.net. It stands for "Top-Level Domain."
o well not everyone has the money to i am as soon as i can though trust me on that may be a few days
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