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Full Version: Make an Album Slideshow!
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Hey guys, I thought this
My Thoughts Wrote:I am not getting much feedback from my MyCodes tutorial...

Hmm. I don't know why....

How about I make something that appeals to everyone!!

And so I came up with this idea!!

Again we will need multiple codes...
Simple Expression:
\[album=(.*?) firstpic=(.*?)\](.*?)\[/album\]
[album=AlbumTitle firstpic=firstpicurl]CODE[/album]
(You put the code below of what you want! Also, you can put other content in)

HTML Replacement:
<div class="Album" style="border: 10px ridge">
<b><center><font size="5">$1</font></center></b><hr><br><br>
<center><img src="$2" id="im"></center>

Now we need to add pictures

You will need to have the "firstpic" in one of these tags unless, you don't want people coming back to it (like it is a title).

This code works like an IMG code!!!

HTML Replacement:

<a onclick="document.getElementById('im').src='$1'">
<img src="$1" height="100" width="100"><br> </a>

Its not the best looking album, but the best quality you'd find...

There are some slight inconvieniences like:
-The image can change the size of the Table/Div
-if you put your pointer over a picture, it does not have the clicker cursor

But there are some nice features like:
-you can style your album via Theme editing advanced mode in CSS
MUST BE this EXACT format:

-You don't have the forwards or backwards buttons, you select from a list!

Want a LIVE demo?
Here it is:
(I know random images, but it gets the point of the album across)

Rate out of 10 Please, NOBODY has rated any of my threads, thank you!
Bump, can some people post, I'm kinda scared
Please can someone reply?
8/10 Smile
good my code! I rate you
With a little tweaking, this is great! 5 stars (thread rating) Big Grin
You can style the album with CSS
just add this:
CSS for Album

However, I will try to tweak it a bit.

Stay tuned for a new post
I like it a lot, this is a damn cool idea.
Why not add an auto scroller thingy? So it changes from picture to picture after... 30 seconds?