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Full Version: an issue with add smilies!
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Hi ! My Frinds.
I want to add about 30 smilies but I can't.
I did upload them and write path in "Add Multiple Smilies" part.

MyBB find and show Images but when I save it , do not show again and I cant use them.

Please help, if you can! Big Grin
You mean they show as broken images, or don't show up in the list of smilies in the ACP...??
show them in list before save it, but when I save them , do not show again...
Can I have ACP login details...??
I send it with PM
They added fine for me... the path you were putting was /images/smilies/aef when it should have been just images/smilies/aef, so after I removed that / at the start, they added.
You are a great helper.
Thanks a lot.