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Full Version: What template controls this?
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I'm having a hard tim find what template holds {$forums} I need to find it to fix a person's problem...
You mean the one on the index template?? That's a list of all the forums which is made up of a load of different templates, what's actually wrong with it...??
Well a person asked how could they change the on.gif, off.gif, and the offlock.gif without changing the actual subforum icons...
Thread is here if you want to answer.
They aren't fluent in english, so you kinda have to use a translator.
I just realized...
Grrr my subforum template is screwed up, can you give me the default code???
You can revert templates to default in the ACP... next to the name of the template, click Options, then Revert to Original.

What they're asking to do isn't possible without a plugin though, as it uses the same template everywhere forums are shown.