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Full Version: Mybb 1.4.X Merge System
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from where i can get the old myBB 1.4.X Merge System , if someone have the Package for 1.4.13 Merge System , kindly post me the link i need it.

Thank you
You shouldn't still be using 1.4 for your board or for the merge system. However you can still download it via the svn.
where i can get the SVN ? sorry i am not aware of it
All this info you need is on the wiki, I really advise against this though. The 1.4 merge system is very buggy. It was just a beta. You'd be better off waiting a week or so for me to release the 1.6.1 bugfix to the Merge System and upgrading to MyBB 1.6.1
I am already on 1.6.1 and want to go back to 1.4.X i saw high serverload from the day i upgrade to 1.6 , so i find the way to convert to myBB 1.6 -> SMF 1.X -> myBB 1.4.X this way i will go back to my old version and will wait for some more better version of myBB.

Sorry for inconvenience due to me. I will try that buggy merger first on Localhost and will then do on Live.
erm... MyBB 1.6.1 has no higher server load for any of my forums than 1.4.13 did. Instead of just giving up, perhaps you'd be better off posting about this in the 1.6 General Support forum and getting the problem tracked down and fixed.
But to start this Thread was not to discuss about 1.6, instead i was not able to get 1.4 merger thats why i asked help by this thread.

There are many threads related with serverload due to 1.6 and many times reported by Senior members like " labrocca "

Thank you for your kind support , i appreciate your hardwork for this community and for us who like myBB.
labrocca's site has millions of hits a day and is running 1000-1500 queries every second. Your forum is not going to be affected by the issues that HF was affected by. Only a very small number of forums have reported any significant performance changes after upgrading to 1.6, one of which was HF. Using the 1.4 merge system to go to 1.4 is not a good solution at all. There's no point in us helping you use old, outdated and buggy software, all it's going to do is cause more problems for you. What's your URL??
Not to mention that with a few minor edits labrocca improved his performance anyways.
My Forum is not big like Labrocca but not even small. I am running Mutliple domains with Same DB. is the domain and many other domains are running with same DB. Its quit different story. But i am facing server load issue since i have upgraded to 1.6
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