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BeatControl is a newly launched forum that aims to provide a platform for music lovers to discuss the music that they listen to, find new music and take part in other discussions on the boards.

We have set our aims on a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with regular competitions, quizzes and opportunities to win prizes such as iTunes vouchers.

We would be very interested in your feedback and ways to improve our forum for new users, so please do give us some feedback!

Generally, it looks nice. I think that you have chosen a nice, simple theme that doesn't distract too much away from the content. The only real issues I see is that currently there doesn't seem to be a great deal of music-related content. I know this is largely down to activity and I'm going to assume that you rely on members to post perhaps too much? Finally, I'm not too sure that I like the background you have used, the lines seem almost too faint. Perhaps this is intentional as to not let members focus too much attention on the background, however I feel that the lines should be made just a touch darker. I wish you the best of luck with the forum.
Thank you very much for the feedback, I will look into the forum background and see if we can find anything else to use instead.

The issue about the lack of music-related content is correct, but with more members will bring more of the content to the forum obviously.

We will now be introducing song reviews written by staff and users alike which will also hopefully build up the music content on the forum. Smile
Just wondering if anyone else could give me some feedback on how to improve it Smile