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Hi guys, I'm using Mybb with the default template (which I think looks rather nice Smile )
The forum is all about free computer support, pop along and find out what we've got!
The main site is a bit like Facebook for the community running Joomla integrated by Jfusion with Mybb

Support Forums
Main Site

Thanks for taking a look
Looks nice! The theme suits it and the icons give it a professional edge. I have no use but best of luck!
Thanks for having a look xadz glad you like it Smile
Registration is disabled?
(02-09-2011, 03:27 PM)Caiaphas Wrote: [ -> ]Registration is disabled?
You have to register on the main site, then you can get logged in Smile
You should change the "register" link so it redirects to the main site then. That's confusing.
Might I also suggest trimming down and consolidating the forums a bit? A huge forum for 17 members makes the community look awfully inactive. This blog post is a good read on the topic.