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Full Version: Missing Language File Help Please
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I just installed the latest forum on a new domain:

I also installed 2 plugins:
Google SEO
My Advertisements

Everything worked fine, but all of a sudden I'm getting an error and can't edit anything in my advertisements yet the ad I put in is still showing on the forum.

Thing is it worked at first I could add and edit the advertisement in my advertisements, but now all of asudden I'm getting an error when I click on edit under my advertisements.

Here's the error:
/home/huttoyou/public_html/inc/languages/english/admin/add_forum_options.lang.php does not exist

I searched in the forum files folder and there is no such file.

Please help
The file you need is in the Add Forum Options plugin; in that package of that plugin, it's put in the ./inc/languages/english/ folder, but it should really go in ./inc/languages/english/admin/