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Full Version: Turn my board on using PHPMyAdmin
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I recently put my board offline and i forgot my password, I wont be able to perform another install because if i install it again it will probz lock it again,
Is there anyway to unlock my board using PHPMyAdmin
Go tofile manager>inc>setting.php>edit and find this
$settings['boardclosed'] = "1";
$settings['boardclosed_reason'] = "We are currently closed for maintenance. Please check back later.";

Change 1 to 0.
Where is the manager file????
(02-11-2011, 02:29 PM)jake_grant Wrote: [ -> ]Where is the manager file????

It is in your cPANEL.

Use whatever you used to upload your files in the first place...
I worked it out just after i posted the reply
Fixed now