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Full Version: Change how username appears when quote button pushed (not quote box or css related)
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For example when you click the quote button, the new reply is:

Djdoubt03 Wrote:hope this doesn't make DjHero go away

I want to have the quote button also add an @ before the quoted users name?

like so

@Djdoubt03 Wrote:hope this doesn't make DjHero go away

what php file or template do I have to edit to a an @ before {username} to make it appear when people click the quote button?

Really? No responses?
I though it would be a modification of the Core mybb code such as an edit to the newreply.php file.
Any help please?
You'll need to make a core edit for this.

The file to edit is inc/class_parser.php and the line to change is #697 and #707

Line 697:

return "\n".htmlspecialchars_uni($username)." $lang->wrote{$date}\n--\n{$message}\n--\n";
return "\n@".htmlspecialchars_uni($username)." $lang->wrote{$date}\n--\n{$message}\n--\n";

Line 707:
return "<blockquote><cite>{$span}".htmlspecialchars_uni($username)." $lang->wrote{$linkback}</cite>{$message}</blockquote>\n";
return "<blockquote><cite>{$span}@".htmlspecialchars_uni($username)." $lang->wrote{$linkback}</cite>{$message}</blockquote>\n";