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Full Version: PHPKing - Need members | Free PHP sources and scripts
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[Image: logo2.png]

PHPKing is a new and upcoming MyBB forum which offers free PHP sources and scripts, submitted by users. So far we don't have many members, but we are currently working on getting some, hopefully we get a few from here.

If you know PHP, or any other language, than feel free to head over there. We have miscellaneous languages that can be discussed there, not just PHP, however PHP is the main focus for now. If you have scripts or sources you would like to submit than email me on [email protected] If you would like to submit it yourself, then sign up at and post it in the appropriate section.

If you would like to be part of the advertising team and help us grow more and more, than you can place this in your signature.


It would be very much appreciated and very helpful, so please think about doing it!

Thanks again and I hope to see you over at Big Grin
Did anyone check it out, or not?
Not a bad site, but the theme is a little boring IMO, spice it up a bit.

Also you need to work on your forum structure, the site is heavily based on PHP discussion/development and even the domain reflects that, though you only have one general PHP forum for EVERYTHING PHP-related? You need to split that into several different sub-forums, namely a place to upload scripts, and a place to request help with PHP, just two important ones off the top of my head.
The theme could be better, yes.

As for the forum sections, well I had someone from here help me with that and we have had more success then when I had sub-sections, which I like better. I think I will keep it like this for the time being.
I will be joining this forum. The theme is quite nice, the topic is awesome, and it looks pretty active.

Thanks Derek, the activity is alright, I'd prefer more traffic/registrations, but I can't have everything.

After all, it has only been up for 3 days, and we have had many hosting issues in those 3 days, but everything should run wonderfully now.
Id advise you to start filling it with content rather than bumping the thread here. Otherwise users will visit, see very little and never return.
Getting more and more traffic as we go, everyone should join!
For some reason the navigation hover-links make me tingle inside.
That's funny Lith, they aren't any different.
I was speaking relatively in effects, nothing negative.
Also, don't you think the announcements thing needs to slow down a bit? It's hard to read before it fades out quickly.
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