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Full Version: My (table-less) WoW guild site
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A while back I stopped making themes for MyBB in order to spend my free time playing World of Warcraft. After I created my own guild in that game it came time to create a guild site. After trying just about every "instant community" hosted site I decided I should go back to doing what I enjoyed before I got (re)hooked on that game; creating themes for MyBB from the ground up.

That is exactly what I did. So far the Portal, Index, Forum View and Post Bit have been re-worked from scratch. While using the pre-made guild sites in the past I collected a lot of feedback from my own members. One of the biggest requests was that our current site look like the Official World of Warcraft site.

That in itself proved to be a challenge as I would have to not only re-create all the images but also all the markup. I figured that since I was going to redo all the templates anyway, I might as well make it table-less and work in Firefox 4, Chrome 9, Internet Explorer and Android's Webkit browser - all while passing validation.

I still have ways to go but I am finding the restriction of working with a table-less design to be challenging and rewarding. Oh one last thing. As per the rules located on the sticky:

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That is something special, i really hope it succeeds, it is an AWESOME theme
Nice work Smile
This is the second tableless layout I´ve seen to mybb

The other one is 'Xekko' by Tomm

I think it´s a pain to update/install plugins, isn´t? Toungue

Right, I've cleared a few posts out of this thread; just to be clear on this, stating that comments are closed on a thread is perfectly okay, hence it being in the rules. Although most showcase threads are for feedback, they don't have to be, they can be for simple promotion, which is what this is. As such I'll close this thread.