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Full Version: Admincp - Disappear
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Dear MyBB community.

About 3 days ago my friend loged in with my Admin account to my Mybb forum and playing in admincp. He edited Admin group and removed admincp allow from Admin group.
Now , We (Admins) cant aces to admincp.
I 've already edited the mybb_usergroup table in PhpMyadmin , but its not works !
[Image: cancp.png]

So , its should be working , but its not Confused

Please tell me what can i do !

Thanks !
Run this query in phpMyAdmin:

DELETE FROM mybb_datacache WHERE title = 'usergroups';

Then load a page on the forum, and it should work again.
Hello !

Thx for your fast reply. But it still doesnt let me log in Confused

Btw , i used the command , but as i seer , it didnt delete usergroups from datac.
Are you sure you ran it properly...?? The reason you still couldn't login after setting cancp to 1 again is because the forum uses the cached permissions, so deleting the cache forces it to rebuild it with the new values; if they'd been deleted, it'd rebuild them.
I deleted usergroups table my my hand.
I reloaded the page , but we still cant log in.
I see , the table is re-created... so...


Thanks Smile