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Full Version: Looking for Moderators - A whole new experience
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I am searching for moderators for my MyBB forum. The forums has an overall Gaming theme, it's a gaming network.

You won't need any understanding of any of the games but you'll get some in time. You'll just need to follow some basic rules and implement them.

You must act professional and that's all with the first base.

We will show you everything you must do but you must have owned an mybb forum yourself OR you have been a moderator somewhere else and you have some knowledge of most or all mybb moderator tools.

Please send me a PM or contact me at [email protected] with your application.

Also make a reply hire specifying that you've sent a PM/email. Don't be afraid to apply Toungue.

Our members have made a total of 6,042 posts in 1,028 threads.
We currently have 2,337 members registered.

Have a great day,
Black Angel
i would like to be interested to be a moderator i have my own website but right now it is down with the 504 gateway time-out crap
I'll send you a PM.
Thank you for the correction.
If you would have checked the email you would have seen it is so if you check the domain and games a bit you can see but anyway.. that's the link.
I'd probably be interested. Smile

I've owned a myBB forum before, and still do.
I am interested in being a moderator for your site. I have been a moderator before, I have been an admin on another site, and I have owned my own site before. If you are interested, please PM me asap. Thanks!
Since this thread was posted sometime in 2011, And you, Porter, just ressurected a thread from the dead...

Don't expect anything.