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Full Version: Moving myBB?
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When moving myBB if Say I did this:
1. Installed myBB and and created the community within the /upload directory.
2. Decided to move myBB installation to the / or public_html directory.

So I want to keep the installation perfect and I want to be sure everything will be OK. So what are the steps?
Also, will I have any problems?
When you upload the forum you have to be sure to upload it into the public_html. That's where the users from the web will access your files.

Now, assuming you uploaded the Mybb into Upload. You'd just change the cookie, and board settings in the ACP, then you'd move the files.

After that it should work.
So lets just say I moved it:
1. install myBB in /upload
2. I decide to move the installation so I change the cookie settings to . in ACP.
3. I move the installation, (will there be problems with the database)

Will this create problems for the myBB installation?
You also need to change the board settings. And, as long as you set the settings correctly it will work.

Let's assume you're moving from /Upload to /Forum
ACP > Configuration > General Configuration

Board URL:

Board URL:

Cookie Domain:

Cookie Domain:

Cookie Path: /Upload

Cookie Path: /Forum

Then save and move the files.
I thought the cookie domain was relative to where your forum was in your files.
If you're going from to just, remove /upload from the end of the Board URL, and change the cookie path to /