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Site Name: Football Addicts
Site URL:
Description: Football Addicts is for the fans of the National Football League. Come and discuss all the topics of the NFL with the other fans from across the world. We also have some other features that are soon to come like a contests section.
Your Name on the Board: John
Nice site and theme, ill definitively sign up, i love football.
Thanks for the support. We had to change to Football Addicts due to the word NFL being trademarked. Don't want any legal issues down the road if you catch my drift.
I know what you mean, i signed up because on they're are a bunch of immature people over there so i was happy to find a nfl forum with control.
Come on by and check us out everyone. New modified gamer skin and custom logo.
I love football! And I have the same theme as you MyBBGamer Toungue

Good theme, you have a good start on content. Good Job Smile
Love the logo, best of luck to you.