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Full Version: Web X HTML- Free GFX Requests and codes!
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Site Name: Web X HTML
Site URL: <snip>
Description: Free GFX and codes!!
Your Name on the Board: Martin

[Image: webxhtgwg.png]

We are a new forum that gives you free GFX and codes!

Please come and join us to request a graphic.

I see you use my design, anyway, I forgot to tell that remove the text shadow in thead, pelase remove it in global.css.

Anyway, I see it's organize well. Pretty neat! but why not buy own TLD and more members will join, because people likes to join forum with own domain.
Ill be getting a TLD ASAP Smile

May i ask how to get rid of the banner hover?

Please come and join us and request GFX
go to theme and go to global.css then find and remove
#header img {
	opacity: 0.5;

#header img:hover {
	opacity: 1;
Moderator please close they switched to phpbb and you do not allow that here.