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Full Version: Sql Error
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1054 - Unknown column 'import_firstpost' in 'field list'

When i am trying to convert the threads.


edit. This is the query

INSERT INTO mybb_threads (`import_tid`,`sticky`,`fid`,`firstpost`,`dateline`,`subject`,`prefix`,`poll`,`uid`,`import_uid`,`views`,`closed`,`totalratings`,`notes`,`visible`,`unapprovedposts`,`numratings`,`attachmentcount`,`username`,`lastpost`,`lastposter`,`lastposteruid`,`replies`,`icon`,`deletetime`,`import_poll`,`import_firstpost`) VALUES ('2','0','','0','1277251898','Hey Im the Admin Matt.','0','0','0','1','108','0','0','','1','0','0','0','','0','','0','0','0','0','0','2') 

I retried it again, and once again it did not work. I really need this fixed.


had to use the phpbb converter first, but it worked. This can be closed.
This was already addressed in this thread: