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Full Version: Javascript in Plugins
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I'm about to start a journey of getting back into Javascript (the last time I used it was way before AJAX was developed) for an idea I have for a MyBB plugin. As such, I'd like to learn to implement some kind of library/framework/toolkit to help me with a lot of the newer features of AJAX-based sites.

Now, my problem is that there are so many, and I would prefer not to have to learn to use 3 or 4 of them, I'd like to just use one (maybe two) and just stick with them. I noticed that MyBB uses prototype and, and I noticed that several people on here use jQuery. I looked at WordPress too and saw that they too are using prototype,, and jQuery.

So I just kinda wanted to see what other plugin developers use and why. BTW, I'm primarily looking at mootools, dojo, or jQuery.
I have my answer now. Can a mod please delete/lock/close/obliterate this tread?