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Full Version: Mybb Merge ??
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Do anyone know how to merge to mybb forums together...
I was on the official site.. and I still have no clue ...
I have backups of both of my forums ... (One site is down)
so I decided to Merge it.. can anyone Help me do this ... ??

My current active site ... is mybb1.6
My old site was mybb 1.4

I have both backups..
Ok, follow these steps (fairly general)
  • Upload your old backup to another database on the same server.
  • Upgrade that database to 1.6 (Optional, but recommended)
  • Upload the MyBB Merge System's "merge" folder to your current 1.6 board's base folder
  • Run the merge system by going to (yourforumfolder is only if your board is not in the root folder of your domain)
  • Enjoy your merged content
So Its that Simple ..??
Its that simple.