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[Image: logo.png] - HOMEPAGE - FORUM

You can access forum from homepage, but just in-case you want to be lazy Wink is a General community with a homepage that let's members know whats going on with the community. We offer General Discussion, Tech, Creativity, Gaming, Market, etc...

You will have to check it out for yourselves! Smile

We do contests, we have an RPG in the making for the community, its based off of eclipse an rpg game engine except Cryptown our RPG is being modified to fit our needs such as player owned houses, pets, etc... It wont be released for awhile but its in the making and members have already played the first version which i was not satisfied enough with.

At we do all kind's of things! But you wont know unless you swing in and check it out, sign up!

We are affiliated with a few sites, including a band on facebook we are looking for more affiliates so if you have like 200+ Members go ahead and register on Cryptx and PM me St1cky1cky and let me know you want to affiliate!

We will place your affiliate box at the bottom of Cryptx like the 5 that is down there. So, check out Cryptx & Get affiliated!
You need to get something fixed here, all I see is....
His hosting has been suspended.
The site owner didn't pay his bills, FFS! I'm the site manager / admin but the actual owner did not pay his bills for the site so were screwed ATM hopefully it will be back up soon.
(02-24-2011, 10:51 PM)Malcolm. Wrote: [ -> ]His hosting has been suspended.

Thanks for letting us know, my post above yours would never have lead anyone else to think that! Smile

Well, hopefully it will be back online soon so check the post everyonce in awhile Smile