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Full Version: Praise and suggestion
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First off I think mybb is a great forum system, great work, I love it Big Grin


In the admin panel for the main config, I think the system of clicking for each settings group is badly done, I think it would be better done some other way, so you don't have to click on loads of buttons to change settings. I don't know how you'd do it, but there's my two cents. Maybe even just combining some settings into other categories, thereby reducing the number of different categories would help.

Keep up the great work!
Well for my opinion, they are arranged well, and each setting belongs to a real settings group not in the wrong places.

Yeah that's why I can't really think of much way to do it... it's just a pain having to click so much to change the settings. *Shrugs*
Thanks for the nice comments.

In regards to your suggestion, we could add a "Show All Settings" button which lists them all on one page if you like.

I would LOVE a "show all settings" button. There's times when I can't remember where a certain setting was and it would just be easier to scroll down the page looking for it.
Moving to included, Chris did it.
So this'll be in the next release or something?
Yes, a show all settings button is on the settings page.