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Full Version: Easy RPG system Coding Help
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1. For the user profile

[Image: rpgsystem.png]

They can edit them, how ever they like it.
For Top players, in the admin panel the admins can choose the top players by putting their ID and their is the extra feature to add a title.

As for the forums you just put the forum ID and it would show the forum name and description and the link would be the enter button.

So far is extremely easy to code and use

2. Here is where it gets a little complicated but is still easy and may not take more than an hour to code, Basically once you enter the forum you post a Fighting topic like any other forum ( You post a topic) however those forum how have the RPG feature to post it will be an image that says "Fight" when you click FIGHT you make a new topic ( you make a role playing) once your done role playing their is a small feature that allows you to input your opponent name by using ID, so you make your post and you enter his/her ID in a small tab once your done posting it tells you (Is (Name) Turn, your opponent waits for your attack). Is like that mod that tells you While you were typing someone else made a post, but this time it tells you " Is Mr.alpha Turn, to Attack"

at the end of the battle a mod chooses the winner and just locks the topic.

[Image: rpgsystem2.png]
[Image: rpgpost.png]

This is an easy mod ? Can someone make it or help me make it.

I myself am working on a RPG site, I could help you out with the profiles as I am doing something similar, but the forum looks a little too complicated and I'm not sure if that can even be done. This is my current profile setup. I could help you achieve something similar if you wanted.
If you like we could team Up, I'm great with Htmls and css ( not good with PHP though)