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Full Version: Plugin/Settings Problem
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Every time I install a new plugin and activate it I get a weird problem. It goes straight to the settings page and has every category in settings expanded. Here is an image of what is happening, any idea what is going on?

Sorry for not embedding the image, can't figure out the spoiler code. Any help is appreciated, the problem isn't too bad but it is rather annoying.

You're not alone. Same thing happens to me and have no idea why. So yeah, help me out too. Smile
Damn, I really want it fixed, so annoying.
It's the Fassim spam plugin.
I'll remove that now and see if it changes it.
(03-04-2011, 10:07 AM)MattRogowski Wrote: [ -> ]It's the Fassim spam plugin.

What's the Fassim plugin doing?

This issue has been fixed with the Fassim plugin. I have uploaded the new one and is waiting to be approved, or its on our website.