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Full Version: SpamBB Looking For Staff
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Hello, is looking for staff. Before we start yes we have a tld and yes we are on proper hosting. We use MyBB 1.6 and are hosted by . SpamBB is a relaxed community that also has a wide range of spamming forums like counting games, random spam and more. Before you say your not even promoting and you have hardly any posts well that is because we're in beta v0.1.

Positions Available: 1
Current People In This Position: The Spammer
Requirements: Any of the following will do: Graphical skills,forum administrating experience or coding knowledge.
Special Permissions: Access to board ACP,MCP and has full board permissions. May get cPanel permissions.
Job Description: An administrator looks after the board and helps with all aspects of the board. Must keep order on the forum and make edits to the forum.

Application Form
[b]Position(s) Looking For:[/b]
[b]Why You Want This Position?:[/b]
[b]Activity:[/b] (Like how many hours you can be on every day)

Send me a PM with the form.
Will be adding more positions soon.

Not really anything to do as there are virtually no posts :/
I really wish people would read full posts. As I said in the opening message. We are currently in beta so we're not going full out advertising. There are a lot of things to do which include making the forum ready for release. Like plugins, getting a custom theme, plugin edits, site edits,guidelines,rules etc.
Well if your in Beta you dont need staff.
That's why I'm only hiring an administrator as I need them to help me with beta. Yes you don't need moderators when your in beta but you do need admins and technicians.

EDIT: Anyway we have got 200 posts in a day even though we're only in beta so we're not doing bad.
IMO your asking a lot for a free theme really. Imo, just pay thirty or fourty for a nice theme.
I am not asking for a free theme. I meant as in the team working together to make one.
(03-05-2011, 04:35 PM)Noreturn Wrote: [ -> ]Well if your in Beta you dont need staff.

I see you trollin', you hatin'.

This seems like more of an attempt to hire someone to do all the work while you "do that backend stuff". People don't apply for Administration status of a site just for the hell of it, they usually do it for some kind of gain. There's nothing to gain by administrating an extremely tiny general discussion forum. Seriously, put some effort into this yourself and worry about staff when it becomes an issue.

(03-07-2011, 10:52 PM)Kikyo Wrote: [ -> ]I see you trollin', you hatin'.

>thinks he's being clever by accusing a legitimate responder of trolling
Another person that judges a book by it's cover, really this world is crazy at jumping to conclusions. I actually work very hard on the forum but I'm not that good at technical side of things. Anyway this can be closed now, I've got an administrator.
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