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Full Version: How to upload 1.6.2?
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Yes, I have been there... the file is there, but then what? I want to run it, not read it.
Besides, for those who have not read the whole thread, rather than updating the existing "forum" folder, I have renamed it and created a new "forum" folder where I copied 1.6.2.
(03-13-2011, 02:15 PM)Arka Wrote: [ -> ]I have found one within inc/inc, but I am not sure if there are supposed to be more.

inc/inc?? That's not a folder, if you've got that you've done something wrong.

(03-13-2011, 02:20 PM)Arka Wrote: [ -> ]Well, I have not run the installer because ... I don't know how to...
I was trying to upgrade, but I suppose I am doing an whole new installation now...

No you're not doing a new installation, you're upgrading your current one.

It's probably going to be safer if you PM me FTP login details and I'll upload your files for you, I can foresee this going horribly wrong at this rate...
Did you get the PM?
Yeah... not really sure how you've done this, but as well as having an ./inc/inc/ folder in the /forum/ folder, in the /sforum/ folder, the cache folder contains the entire file structure again... plus because the /forum/ folder was newly created, it hasn't got any of your plugins, or custom theme images, or language files, or uploads, or anything else in it... so what I'll do is get rid of the /forum/ folder, upload the new files to the /sforum/ folder, and then rename that back to forum, and then the new files will be there as well as all the other plugin files etc that you need, and I'll also clear out the multitude of duplicate files you've got uploaded.
Thanks for that...
For some reason I couldn't get FileZilla to change existing files, but only to copy new ones (hence the spurious duplicate in random location). I might investigate the matter further with them once this is over (and I have regained some of my composureSmile

Besides, what do you use for ftp transfers?
Hi there,

I don't mean to pester you, but I wonder if you are going to have a look at the stuff now or later. Just to know whether it is worth me hanging about.

Thanks again.
Right... the forum folder is now your actual forum, forum2 is the new one you created. The autosvezzasmile and chat folders still need to be copied back from the forum2 folder to the forum folder, and there are still some duplicated files that need deleting, I'll have to do that later though as I'm about to go out. You can now go to and upgrade the forum though.

I Have just had a look. Let's if I manage now...

Thanks you SO much
Chat and smiles moved. Tried to delete "Upload" but it won't let me... However it shouldn't be a problem if it sits there for now.
Going through the check list I found this bit:

"Also, if running 1.6, go to ACP > Tools & Maintenance > File Verification > run this and see if any files are marked as 'Changed'. If they are, and you have not knowingly edited them, they may not have been updated correctly. "

I went into "Tools & Maintenance", but found no "File Verification"...
Anyway, Update done and everything seems to be working. For sure the update should come with a health warning!!
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