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Full Version: No videos displayed in RSS Feed
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I spotted something today with RSS Feeds. How comes if you post a Video like YouTube, using the default MyBB Video option in posts. It does not get displayed in RSS Feeds like Images do? I looked at the syndication.php file, and there is support for MyCode Video's listed in it twice.

Quote:$query = $db->simple_select("forums", "name, fid, allowhtml, allowmycode, allowsmilies, allowimgcode, allowvideocode", "1=1 ".$forumlist);

Quote: $parser_options = array(
"allow_html" => $forumcache[$post['fid']]['allowhtml'],
"allow_mycode" => $forumcache[$post['fid']]['allowmycode'],
"allow_smilies" => $forumcache[$post['fid']]['allowsmilies'],
"allow_imgcode" => $forumcache[$post['fid']]['allowimgcode'],
"allow_videocode" => $forumcache[$post['fid']]['allowvideocode'],
"filter_badwords" => 1

So how comes they don't get displayed in RSS Syndication still?