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Full Version: GFX Cafe - A graphics community!
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Let me just say, GFX Cafe is for new or old graphic artist Big Grin!
[Image: 5r4mo.png]

What is GFX Cafe?-
GFX Cafe is a laid back graphics community ran by me and my sister. We have allot of awesome features we offer to our users. We have a downloads section where you can upload/download files, brushes, fonts, etc.

We also have a gallery! You can upload your images, and get a bbcode, HTML code, and a Direct link code! Thank you great mod makers! Smile And my favorite is our Wiki! It has different tutorials from our site and different graphic terms! We also run SOTW! Have great members and great staff. We aslo have a CnC section. Now what is this you may ask? It is a section dedicated to in depth and very descriptive critiquing, which is ran by our amazing CnC team.

Hope to see you there Big Grin

VVVClick to go to GFX Cafe!VVV
[Image: 17_11_01_11_1_36_23.png]
I'm pretty you already showcased this site before...
Your index page is REALLY crowded...
(03-14-2011, 11:36 PM)Matt G Wrote: [ -> ]2 actually
The first link is different site. and second one and I cant ask to be re-opened since that mod that closed it is no longer staff. If a mod has a issue they will take actions.

Terp-What could be removed to make it look better?
Nice, looks a little messy, but not to bad on content could use more though.
(03-16-2011, 12:30 AM)Noreturn Wrote: [ -> ]Nice, looks a little messy, but not to bad on content could use more though.
Whats messy? And yeah contents low but sadly we have more kids then adults and school get in the way. Toungue