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Full Version: I need A Theme
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So i have been looking at some public themes for my forum i can seem to find one that i will will suit the forum could you guys please suggest me a public theme that will suit it.
My suggestion is get a customised theme for ur forum......
if u can afford contact: (over $ 100) or Nanoskinners or dynaxel
but if ur budget is low contact: (zzjoenzz) or

If u cant afford,for free themes.....
have a look at these....use apple icons available over net inplace of the on,off,offlock icons with the theme...

better use a light theme as you say it is apple

my suggestion is realize or mycolor pro but all are good
We arranged that!
(2011-03-16, 09:18 PM)WbDev Wrote: [ -> ]We arranged that!

Yep this guy is a legend.