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Full Version: NewPoints Disappeared!
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I have had the NewPoints plugin installed for more than a week and everything has been ok. This morning I went to my forum and noticed that the system is gone. The plugin is still installed, activated and enabled on the Admin CP dashboard.. Why would it just disappear from users profile and threads?

I have not made any modifications to the setting for the points system since I installed it.

I uninstalled/ reinstalled and now it works again but if anyone one knows the issue please respond. If it works for a while then just disappears, whats the point if it has to be reset all the time, that will just piss people off, myself included.

I did however install 5 or 6 new plug ins since the new points install. Could these plug ins have conflicted with the operation of this one?
Did you have the NewPoints backups task running?

I've seen some users reporting this issue but I have never had this problem and none of the experienced MyBB users have ever found this issue either.